More and more people are choosing to install air to air heating & cooling in their homes as it is a quick and efficient way of acclimatising any room.

Units can be set to keep a room at a constant temperature or to quickly heat or cool it to a comfortable level within minutes, eliminating the need to keep lesser used rooms such as conservatories or home offices, constantly heated or cooled “just in case” they are needed.

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems vary widely in terms of size and the functions they perform. Some systems are large and central to the building services – these were probably designed when the building was originally commissioned and use ventilation to deliver heating and cooling. Other systems may provide heating through boilers and radiators, with some limited ventilation to provide fresh air or cooling to certain parts of the building such as meeting rooms. In some cases, individual comfort cooling units have been added to a building to overcome a specific overheating problem that had not been thought of at the time of the original design.

Home Air to Air Heating and Cooling climate control is not as expensive to install as you might think.

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