We are qualified with Xact certification to FIRAS and BAFSA standards to Design and install fire sprinkler systems to BS9251 for Domestic and residential property.

Virtually all fires start small but grow very rapidly. If a fire can be detected soon enough, and fought immediately, it will take surprisingly little water to put it out.

However, if it is allowed to grow unhindered, it will make a room untenable within 2 minutes.

A fire sprinkler system is designed to operate over a predetermined floor area and needs to be designed by an expert.

Fire sprinklers are fitted to the system of supple pipes and each is an independent unit and operates only if the fire causes it to do so. Each fire sprinkler is fitted with a small thermal element (bulb) activated by heat from a fire, and set to operate at not less than 30C above ambient temperature, making accidental activation very unlikely other than in a fire condition.

In the majority of fires just one sprinkler head is operated which is normally sufficient to deal with the fire

If we can be of assistance to you, we will be pleased to provide designs and quotes for installations.

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